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Black duchesse satin bustier dress with red skirt In front and woven poo emoji placed strategically in back. Black satin lining.

No two pieces are the same. Each dress is handmade in our atelier located in the heart of Paris. As it is made by hand, slight differences will occur in overall style. Created in collaboration with emoji®.


  • Poo: 1% of 11.1% Polyamide 66.4% Acrylic 6% Polyester 8% Silk 4.2% Viscose 16.8% Wool
  • Tweed: 5.3% Cotton 2% Lycra 4.7% Polyamide 27.1% Acrylic 14% Polyester
  • Duchess Satin: 100% Silk
  • Satin: 100% Polyester
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