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Want an excuse to work out? This jacket is sporty enough to wear back from the gym, but comfy enough to lounge in when you decide you’d rather just think about the gym while lazing on the couch. Its silk satin sleeves feature a single pink stripe trimmed with black and metallic galloon running their length. Two piped pockets are nestled in its plush cotton velvet body, while beckoning mermaids invite onlookers to try the zipper. An embroidered appliqué of koi, a king scallop with pearl, and water lilies on its back is sandwiched between hand sewn faux pearl strings spelling “MiniMe” and “Paris” respectively. This reversible jacket sports a silky smooth lining with our exclusive MiniMe Circus print depicting colorful tigers, fish, and hot air balloons.

No two pieces are the same. Each jacket is handmade in our atelier located in the heart of Paris. As it is entirely made by hand, slight differences will occur in the placement of faux pearls and appliqués as well as overall style.


  • Velvet: 50% Cotton 50% Silk
  • Satin: 100% Polyester

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