Never a Dull Moment (except, you know, when the pencil needs to be sharpened): the making of the DisneyLand Paris collaboration

I am a huge fan of Disney (especially Alice in Wonderland), and thus have been very excited for the release of this collaboration! Today, I interviewed some members of the MiniMe team about how the collection was created.

"Tell me a bit about your inspiration behind the collection. What was your creative process?"

"We really wanted to create something unique; some thing Disney, but very much in the style of MiniMe. There were several phases of production."

"Take the Tinker Bell T-shirt, for example. First, there were sketches."


"Then more sketches."


"We were inspired by Marc Davis’ concept sketches for Tinker Bell from Disney’s Peter Pan (1953), but at the same time, we wanted to create something a bit more ‘painted’ (like the t-shirts that we do of Alice). After getting the sketch accepted, we finally did the first colored version, then again, then again… and finally, completed the design."


"The ears are an iconic piece involving both Mickey and Minnie playing off of the classic Disney ears and an ear headband from MiniMe. They are embroidered and use French lace from Solstiss."


"To be honest, I personally really like the vintage Disney, maybe it’s the nostalgia, maybe it’s the simple bold designs. So anyway, I suggested we use the more ‘classic’ Mickey and Minnie with the solid black eyes, etc. We picked out the materials and added the details (beads, MiniMe logo) and thus the headband was born. (after of course being hand sewn in our atelier!)."

"The shirt itself was printed using serigraphy in France. The glitter is then added by hand. Fun fact, this is the first time the Disneyland Paris castle has officially been drawn from a photo!"


"If you have purchased MiniMe accessories, you are probably familiar with our collection-corresponding boxes. The box is always an involved project and the DisneyLand Paris box was no exception. We had been toying with the idea of making something more panoramic for the inside of the box for awhile, and thought this would be a the perfect opportunity to try it out. While time consuming we were happy with the result."

First Disney Box Sketch

"This is one of the sketches that eventually led to the final box."

Box exterior

Box exterior

Box interior

Box interior

I can't wait to tell you about the exciting trip I took this past weekend! Hint: it involves Disney...!