Who’s Next Show & Party

This season I took a trip to MiniMe Land with my friends. The park was so amazing I decided to bring a bit back to share with everyone at Who’s Next. It was rather more difficult than expected to fit into my backpack, and I nearly did not make it back through the elevator shaft out of MiniMe Land. (My poor backpack, it is amazing he could “bear” it).

One evening everyone came over to my house to party. I expect to have built quite a bit of muscle after all of the heavy lifting I did to get the house just perfect. The vacuum that I keep meaning to replace broke, again. I really need to invest in an anteater!

I felt the party went well as no one was injured on the spiral staircase of death (what a kinder person might refer to as a slip ‘n’ slide). Also, the dinner was wonderful and the cake adorable (I may have gained back all of the weight I lost cleaning…)

It turned out that when the champagne was ordered, they made a mistake and brought cases rather than bottles, so there was plenty of champagne!! Unfortunately they came a few days later to take the extra bottles back. (Sigh…)

I met so many wonderful people! Now I am looking forward to sleeping for the next week or so… Just kidding! We’ll be starting on the new winter collection. Any guesses as to what it will be..?


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